Battlefield 2042 Stealth Chopper Repair System, Armor Nerfs Coming in Next Update

Battlefield 2042 stealth chopper repair system

While DICE already nerfed the stealth choppers in Battlefield 2042’s latest update, it seems the vehicle is still a little bit too strong, and DICE agrees! Devs from the studio have confirmed that the Battlefield 2042 stealth chopper repair system and more are getting nerfed in the next patch.

This was confirmed by DICE Community Manager Straatfor87 in a reply to an EA Answers forum post.

Over on the BF2042 subreddit, DICE Producer Ben Walke (posting as Reddit user F8RGE) also confirmed that stealth choppers will have less amor, and their 30mm cannons are getting nerfed as well.

Hopefully, these BF2042 stealth chopper nerfs will be enough to put them in line with the other vehicles, so the overall experience is better for everyone involved. While DICE has not announced just when the next Battlefield 2042 patches dropping, the studio has confirmed that we’ll be hearing details about the Season 2 patch sometime this August.

Will this be enough to stop the stealth choppers’ reign of terror in the game? I sure hope so. Once we hear more changes for the game, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.

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