Battlefield 2042 Unreleased Specialist, Weapon, Vehicle Skins and New Takedown Animations Datamined From Season 2 Patch

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In what has become the norm whenever a patch for a Battlefield game is released, new info and unreleased assets have been datamined once again! With the Season 2 patch released just a few days ago, loads of Battlefield 2042 unreleased skins for the Specialists, weapons, and even vehicles have been unearthed.

Battlefield 2042 Unreleased Specialist, Weapon, Vehicle Skins From Season 2 Patch:

Once again, it’s ever-reliable Battlefield dataminer temporyal that brings us this trove of unreleased assets.

In addition to the skins, temporyal has also managed to unearth two new Battlefield 2042 takedown animations from two unreleased weapons!

As you can see, these unreleased items are not part of the current Season 2 Battle Pass rewards, so either they’re going to be sold in the in-game store on its own at some point, or DICE has other plans for ’em. Same as with any unannounced datamined info, there is no guarantee that we’ll see these items released in an official capacity. That said, they usually are released at some point, so keep an eye out for it if you’re interested.

In other BF2042 news, DICE earlier rolled out a server-side update to nerf Paik’s scanner ability! Just in case you’re wondering if the Specialist somehow feels different, well, now you know.

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