Battlefield 2042 Update 4.2 Stealth Changes Include End of Round Chat for Consoles & More

Battlefield 2042 Update 4.2 Stealth Changes

With DICE rolling out update 4.2 for Battlefield 2042 yesterday, it seems there are some undocumented changes made once again. Thanks to the community, we have below the known Battlefield 2042 update 4.2 stealth changes list.

Chief among the undocumented changes include the ability for console players to chat during the End of Round screen (it’s a minor thing but still), the addition of a playercard commemorating Thick44 and more.

Battlefield 2042 Update 4.2 Stealth Changes:

  • #1 There is a new trail on the 60mm mortar pod that shows where the projectile is going.
  • #2 Consoles can finally use Chat during End of the Round screen.
  • #3 new player card for Thick44 :,)

    OP: Legends may pass away. But they never die! LONG LIVE THE LEGEND!

  • #4 New store content notification dot

    OP: remember that famous pic of woman dress and people arguing what color is it?… so is that dot freakin orange or brown?!?!?!

  • #5 Updated “Specialists” & “Gear” icons under collection
  • #6 crosshair to ADS has a new transition

    prev: crosshair just faded out

    now: crosshair lines converge in the middle, feels much more snappy to ADS now

  • #7 I think they finally fixed ‘Audio in background’ setting, it no longer appears to be playing sound when minimized to desktop [YEP THEY DID]
  • #8 The GUI for the socials menu where you can view your friends list has been changed. It’s improved in my opinion.

    = The party/social screen is now centered but high up on screen vs centered horizontal and vertical.


    Kills using wehicles` gunner seat counts as KILL + ASSIST (same enemy) at the same time.


    Sometimes JUST dying inside friendly wehicle counted for me as ASSIST for my own death (with green assist icon). Ridiculous

  • #11 VCAR with Midnight skin and UH1 Smart Optic no longer has sight misalignment issues. Took em 3 seasons to fix but im glad they finally did.
  • #12 new glow around killfeed items
  • #13 store shows whats ”new”
  • #14 I think and im not sure, but the 25mm cannon on jets have a a higher velocity
  • #15 I love how when you’re in a party now, on the main menu at the bottom right where it shows your friends… if you’re in a party, I have yellow text saying how many party members there are currently in my party. Stealth, no clue but still I like it.
  • #16 They remove “conquest large” in portal mode. And the new “conquest” mode can’t be set to 128 players.

    [this is actually bug confirmed by DICE and they are looking into it.]

  • #17 No clue where my first comment went but i think the super 500 got changed. The hipfire felt different this morning, like it was more sturdy and the circle crosshair on your screen stays the same size and doesn’t expand while moving. I could be wrong though

    = The super 500 is just as inaccurate as it was before but the crosshair circle is now about x1.25 the pellet spread instead of being x2 the pellet spread. this was alluded to in the patch notes.

    The x2 crosshair circle is used for all other shotguns (and is how the hipfire indicator works for all guns) so this change just adds inconsistency. For example the 500 now has the exact size crosshair circle as the NVK despite being about half as accurate.

    If they are going to do this for the 500 they should also do it for the other shotguns, maybe then people would realize how accurate most of them actually are (the MCS might as well just fire slugs with how tight it actually is).

  • #18 I killed a jeep with a javelin (after spotting him), and got the kill and the spot, which is new.
  • #19 They finally fixed a Sundance bug where they only had the cluster grenade as their gadget (without the option to change it to the anti-armor one, had it since season ~1-2, tried everything to fix it back then). Thanks dice
  • #20 [HEADS UP?] Shot the condor with MPAT and the damage number was 37. Thought it would be more.
  • #21 [PERSISTENT BUG] Vehicle countdown timer not counting down, had to refresh. Coming back from a while not playing so not sure if this was from an earlier update.

    OP: so yeah, this thing is with us for really long time. To actually see vehicles refreshed on vehicle deploy menu screen you need to back out of the menu and re-open it to refresh vehicle icon status so you can spawn it. I HATE IT! PLS DICE!

  • #22 Seems like you have to be more accurate with the jet radar missiles now (smaller autolock window size or whatever it’s called)
  • #23 It feels like there’s a difference in the way players are highlighted in general. More specifically with falk: when you aim at a player with the syrett pistol the border/highlighting looks different/more grey.

    OP: imo it has to do something with how dice every update increase exposure, contrast and these things to actual image of the game that is rendered.

  • #24 Option to disable Hints has been fixed. Now you can remove reload, low ammo etc hints
  • #25 Bipod no longer auto undeploys on weapon switch. Finally!
  • #26 There’s a new tint on 1.5X thermal scope, it’s a lot easier to see things.

There might be more added within the day/week and if that happens, we’ll update the article for accuracy.

Thanks, ANGRYlalocSOLDIE!

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