Battlefield 3 – DICE is “Investigating” Hardcore Server Issues

Battlefield 3 Updates in Black

Many Battlefield 3 fans have noticed a lack of hardcore servers in the consoles’ browser recently. DICE, however, has stated that they are looking into the issue.

About three days ago, hardcore servers seemed to have disappeared completely from the server browsers on consoles. So far, this issues seems to be limited only to the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Battlefield 3. DICE recently stated that they are “aware of issues affecting console hardcore servers and working to correct them.” They went on to thank “everyone who reported – much appreciated!” Community Manager Ian Tornay, aka Crash7800, also assured that the team is “looking into reports about hardcore servers not working correctly.” However, no details have been given as to what could have possibly caused this problem or what steps the team is taking to resolve the issue. Stay tuned to MP1st for more details!

Thanks to Derek Rossler for the tip!

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