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Where Did All The Battlefield 3 Official DICE Servers Go on Console? DICE CM Answers News 89

News 89 The biggest question we’ve been hearing from much of Battlefield 3’s console audience is, “where did all the DICE servers go?” This is in reference to the official DICE servers whose titles usually begin with ‘-[DICE]-‘ and are usually centered around regular game rules and set-ups, providing a typical and expected Battlefield 3 experience which […]

A Guide To The New Battlefield 3 Console Server Browser News 169

News 169 Yesterday morning, DICE updated servers across all platforms in order to prepare for the upcoming big patch. In doing so, they’ve made a few tweaks along the way, especially for console players. Many reports came in yesterday that themed playlists began showing up on the console server browser. This meant that players could choose to […]

Battlefield 3 – DICE is “Investigating” Hardcore Server Issues News 10

News 10 Many Battlefield 3 fans have noticed a lack of hardcore servers in the consoles’ browser recently. DICE, however, has stated that they are looking into the issue. About three days ago, hardcore servers seemed to have disappeared completely from the server browsers on consoles. So far, this issues seems to be limited only to the […]

Battlefield 3: What’s Still Wrong in a Game So Right News 33

News 33 Battlefield 3 is easily one of my favorite multiplayer games of this console generation; it’s quickly moving up the ranks in my “all-time favorites” as well. With a hundred hours playtime at rank 49, I’ve put enough time in to really get a hang of the game and its unique elements. I’ve also seen more […]

Battlefield 3 Server Browser on Consoles Revealed News 22

News 22 There are only two days left in your life without Battlefield 3, or perhaps more if living overseas. Either way, it’s almost here. For now, we have a look at the brand new server browser function on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Now, when in the multiplayer screen of Battlefield 3, you have three […]