A Guide To The New Battlefield 3 Console Server Browser

Yesterday morning, DICE updated servers across all platforms in order to prepare for the upcoming big patch. In doing so, they’ve made a few tweaks along the way, especially for console players.

Many reports came in yesterday that themed playlists began showing up on the console server browser. This meant that players could choose to play on servers that featured large Conquest maps only, or mixed game types only, for example.

This morning, DICE has updated servers once again to now properly display names so players know exactly what type of server they are getting into.

Update: BF3 Lead Designer Gustav Halling has stated via Twitter that players will be able to distinguish between Conquest and Conquest Assault in the upcoming patch. They will be added as separate game modes.

First, a few tips:

  • Upon selecting a server, make sure to move the thumb stick over one to the right in order to view the Map Rotation. Here, you will see what game modes are included and on what maps.
  • Once you find a server that features your favorite maps or game modes, make sure to “Favorite” it in order to revisit it without having to search for it again.
  • It should be noted that servers labelled without -[DICE]- are regular servers and are made up of a single game type with a generic map rotation. So if you only want to play Conquest exclusively on various maps, for example, pick one of these servers. Same goes for Rush, TDM, SQDM and SQRush.
  • Servers labelled with -[DICE]- preceding the name will most likely be themed. A full list of server types can be found below.
  • You’ll also notice that “Custom” is now a searchable preset. This will obviously come into play once private serveres are deployed on consoles.
Server Types

Conquest and Rush

-[DICE]- BF3 Classic Only

  • Features a mix of Conquest and Rush on classic BF3 maps only

-[DICE]- Urban Warfare

  • Features a mix of Conquest and Rush on various urban maps

-[DICE]- Back to Karkand Only

  • Features a mix of Conquest and Rush on Back to Karkand maps only


-[DICE]- Epic Battles

  • Features Conquest on large maps only


-[DICE]- Most Popular

  • Features a mix of TDM, Rush and Conquest on popular maps only

-[DICE]- Soldier Skirmishes

  • Features a mix of TDM, Rush and Conquest on various urban maps

Mixed Deathmatch

-[DICE]- Deathmatch Action

  • Features a mix of TDM and SQDM on various maps [16-player limit]


Hopefully this should give players a better idea as to how the new server browser works on consoles. New playlists will most likely be added or tweaked, especially once future DLC drops.

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