Battlefield 3 – DICE To Step Up Their Punishment of Cheaters

More and more, Battlefield 3 players are beginning to notice an increasing number of cheaters on the leaderboards.

If you were to take a look right now, you’d notice that all top spots on each platform are taken by players with score per minutes between 15k and 20k. Does this seem likely to you? Fortunately, DICE has stated that they are “continuing to crack down on cheaters” and also mentioned that they will be “stepping up [their] punishment of cheaters.” What exactly this entails, we are still unsure, but stay tuned to MP1st for more details as they become available. For now, DICE stresses that to report cheaters, use these methods explained in the Battlelog (below), rather than naming names on the various social network services.

GetSatisfaction –

Via Profile – Visit the users battlelog profile, click the report “exclamation” mark symbol at the top-right of their page, and fill it in with the reason for reporting them. (direct report)

Via EA Support – You can use the Feedback & Support yellow box at the left side of this screen to contact EA Support in regards to reporting individuals. (last resort)

We’d like to hear from you in the comments below. Is DICE doing enough to stop cheaters?

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