Battlefield 3: End Game DLC Rumors – New Tools, Game Modes and a “Jungle-Style” Setting

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Prepare for the first set of rumors surrounding DICE’s final expansion back for Battlefield 3, End Game.

MP1st reader Expertark5man has pointed out rumors of an upcoming End Game short film that will be made available to Premium users soon. Members will notice that the Premium Calendar already lists the 7th Premium video as an End Game teaser, releasing on the 21st of December. However, Italian website 4news, from which these rumors have stemmed, seems to have further details surrounding End Game.


DICE has announced that End Game, announced last expansion for Battlefield 3, will soon be enjoyed in a short film exclusively for Premium users.

Video made ​​entirely with scenes of the game show in which a moment of battle has a new motorcycle, and will be published in the Premium section of Battlelog December 21, 2012.

The DLC, dubbed by the Swedish team such as high speed for a lethal death, will introduce some tools and game modes that will animate the theater of war, including a jungle-style Apocalypse Now. In particular, there is four new game maps, new vehicles (including motorcycles), new assignments and new weapons.

So far, the only confirmed details are that motor-bikes will play a key role in End Game, introducing a new, high-speed style of gameplay to the Battlefield 3 series. The rest, like the possibility of a jungle-style setting, is still unconfirmed, but we hope to hear more from DICE in the near future.

Meanwhile, Battefield 3’s latest DLC, Aftermath, is expected to drop for non-Premium users tomorrow on the Xbox 360 and PC. Make sure to check out our review if you haven’t already.

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