Battlefield 3 Patch Submitted for Certification – Still No ETA, “Hopefully” This Month

Battlefield 3 Global community Manager, Daniel Matros, has updated fans on the status of the upcoming Battlefield 3 patch.

Daniel Matros has taken to Twitter revealing that the next Battlefield 3 patch is in its final stages. For console players, Matros confirmed that the patch is currently going through the certification process by Sony and Microsoft. He stated that the patch “is being tested at certification by MS and Sony…” Of course, a release date is in the hands of MS and Sony at this point, but Matros did say, “hopefully we can push updates out in the end of March but again, no ETA at all.” As for the PC update, Matros mentioned that “it’s in testing right now still.”

Remember, you can check out a number of tentative patch notes here.

It seems that Battlefield fans can look forward to a number of exciting things, including upcoming DLC, and private servers for consoles. In case you missed it, Back to Karkand was recently updated on the PS3 to fix some odd weapon glitches. You can read more about it here.

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