Battlefield 3 PC Double XP Weekend Begins May 26th, How Double XP is Calculated

DICE has confirmed that Battlefield 3 PC players will get their double XP fix this weekend.

After running into technical difficulties on PC when the very first Battlefield 3 double XP weekend kicked off, the studio had to push back the event on the platform for two weeks. Now, the issues seem to be ironed out and DICE is making good on their promise. The event has been confirmed to take place this weekend, May 26-27, according to DICE’s Tommy Rydling on the Battlelog.

Starts Saturday 26th May

  • 00:01 PDT
  • 03:01 EST
  • 07:01 UTC
  • 09:01 CET

Ends Sunday 27th May

  • 23:59 PDT
  • 02:59 EST (Monday 28th)
  • 06:59 UTC (Monday 28th)
  • 08:59 CET (Monday 28th)

Also, Daniel Matros took to the forums to explain how Double XP will be calculated. Here’s the scoring sequence at the end of a match:

  • Original End of Round Score: 200 (2 kills)
  • Engineer Score: 400 (200 original points + 200 for Double XP)
  • Squad Rush Ribbon: 200
  • MVP Ribbon: 400
  • Additional Score: 600 (Your ribbon score once more (200+400)x2)
  • Total: (200×2)+(200+400)x2=1600 points instead of the 800 you would receive on any other day.
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