Battlefield 3 Premium Earns $37 Million in Sales with Over 1.3 Million Subscriptions To Date

In a recent Electronic Arts earnings call, we learn just how well EA’s/DICE’s brand new subscription based service, Battlefield 3 Premium is in the first quarter of its fiscal year 2013.

EA reports a “solid quarterly performance from FIFA 12 and Battlefield 3” as the “catalog continues to outperform expectations with Battlefield 3 and FIFA 12 together selling through over 2 million units in the first quarter.”

In the table below, you can see EA’s digital revenue forecast for both the FIFA and Battlefield franchises. While FIFA 12 is expected to earn another $17 million in digital revenue for the remainder of FY13, Battlefield 3 is expected to earn another $109 million, achieving a total of $188 million through to FY13.

But, what about the newly introduced Battlefield 3 Premium service, a service meant to enhance the Battlefield 3 experience by offering subscribers further in-game content, special events and early access to upcoming DLC like Armored Kill and Aftermath for the one-time fee of $49.99?

According EA’s reports, Battlefield 3 Premium generated $37 million in sales, though these numbers will be deferred and set to be recognized in fiscal Q4. In terms of actual subscriptions, DICE and EA can chalk off a total of over 1.3 million subscriptions to date.

Are you a Battlefield 3 Premium subscriber? How are you enjoying the service so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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