Battlefield 3 PS3 Input Lag – Is Progress Being Made? More On Battlerecorder, PC VoIP and UI

Battlefield 3 Updates in Black

Battlefield Community Managers, Ian Tornay and Daniel Matros respond to community requests such as the ever-sought-after spectator mode, VoIP on PC and Input Lag fixes on PS3.

In response to one reddit thread titled “Voip, Battlecorder, Spectate Mode, new UI… I will not buy any future DLC until these exist….” (which nicely sums up how a number of BF3 fans currently feel), Ian Tornay assured, “we hear you loud and clear and are looking into solution and improvements for all of these things. Definitely appreciate your patience.” He added, “and we’re still investigating and looking into these things.” Currently, VoIP on PC is missing while everyone is awaiting some sort of spectator mode or “Battlerecorder.” Also said to be in the works is a new user interface (UI), especially for PC players. However, Tornay also mentioned, “the one thing that I take issue with on the OP is that these are not easy things.” Now, you may have heard this many-a-times by now, but it’s nice to know that members of the DICE team are working on it and have not forgotten.

We recently reported DICE acknowledging their lack of communication with the Battlefield community – admitting “a lot of things need improvement.” Following up on the matter, Daniel Matros assures fans further that DICE is “all over that code and fixes right now.” We, and many others, hope to hear something of the upcoming patch soon. Matros also agreed with upset followers, sincerely stating “we need a more open dialogue with the people who take time to play our games.”

While DICE has recently patched the PS3 VoIP issues, it seems like they still may have a ways to go until the matter of input lag is solved. More and more, PS3 users are wondering if any progress at is being made at all. Matros recently commented, “can’t say it’s a mystery but we’ve been getting mixed results from different experiments.” He added, “…it’s very inconsistent. We’ve been trying it out over here for some months and some tv’s get more and some less.” At least something is being done about the issue and at least we are beginning to see more transparency from community leaders such as Daniel Matros about the subject.

Let’s hope things start looking up as fans will soon be treated to a nice little patch, and hopefully some DLC news!

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