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Battlefield 3 – DICE Hasn’t Forgotten About Esports, More on Battlerecorder and Spectator Mode News 35

News 35 Some fans feel that DICE has been ignoring the competitive community as it’s been some time that Esport goers, and even casual gamers alike, have requested a spectator mode or Battlerecorder in order to monitor competitive matches. While it may seem this way, Daniel Matros, global community manager at DICE, stresses in a recent AMA on Reddit, “I’ve been […]

Battlefield 3 Dev Reveals Current Battlerecorder is “Useless Junk” News 80

News 80 In the latest Battlefield 3 community podcast, Don’t Revive Me Bro was lucky enough to feature special guest, Alan Kertz, Senior Gameplay Designer at DICE. Speaking of many subjects, Kertz had some very interesting things to say regarding the much sought-after and highly anticipated Battlerecorder. Part way through the podcast, Kertz was asked what the […]

More Clues to a Battlefield 3 Battlerecorder Surface News 43

News 43 Today, we have gathered two exciting clues that strongly suggest a Battlefield 3 Battlerecorder exists… somewhere. By now, many of you have seen the reveal trailer for DICE’s upcoming DLC, Close Quarters, titled “Ziba Tower.” If not, you can check it out right here. When Roland Smedberg, Senior Video Director at DICE, was asked via […]

Battlefield 3 PS3 Input Lag – Is Progress Being Made? More On Battlerecorder, PC VoIP and UI News 67

News 67 Battlefield Community Managers, Ian Tornay and Daniel Matros respond to community requests such as the ever-sought-after spectator mode, VoIP on PC and Input Lag fixes on PS3. In response to one reddit thread titled “Voip, Battlecorder, Spectate Mode, new UI… I will not buy any future DLC until these exist….” (which nicely sums up how […]

Battlefield 3 – Possible Spectator Mode Announcement? USAS-12 With Frag Rounds Update News 33

News 33 DICE Gameplay Designer and Community Manager update Battlefield 3 fans on the situation regarding the infamous USAS-12 shotgun equipped with fragmentation rounds and teases the possibility of a spectator mode. Community Manager, Daniel Matros, recently spoke of ClanBase’s Nations Cup which is beginning today. What he had to say, however, brought some attention to a possible […]

BF3 – More Destruction in Future DLC, Battlerecorder Updates, Possible Split-Screen Co-op News 16

News 16 Battlefield 3 producers Fredrik Löving and Alexander Gröndal sat down with Battlefield fans to answer some questions in an EA live chat earlier today regarding future DLC, the Battlerecorder and much more. Unsurprisingly, one of the first questions asked was regarding the so-called “Battlerecorder” and if it will ever be implemented. The producers were optimistic, […]