BF3 – More Destruction in Future DLC, Battlerecorder Updates, Possible Split-Screen Co-op

Battlefield 3 producers Fredrik Löving and Alexander Gröndal sat down with Battlefield fans to answer some questions in an EA live chat earlier today regarding future DLC, the Battlerecorder and much more.

Unsurprisingly, one of the first questions asked was regarding the so-called “Battlerecorder” and if it will ever be implemented. The producers were optimistic, saying that the Battlerecorder is “something we really want to do” and is “something we’re looking into.”

DLC has also been a very hot topic. It was asked if more destruction would be featured in future DLC and if Dinosaur’s would ever make it into an expansion. “Dinosaur mode is something we’d love to do” they mentioned, but it is still unconfirmed. When it came to more destruction, they simply answered, “Yes.” It sounded like they were quite pleased with what they have in store for Battlefield fans.

When it comes to two-man jets, the developers mentioned that “that is something [they’d] love to see.” However, they don’t want to take away from the number of foot soldiers on the ground. Skipping the kill-cam was mentioned in the questions as well. The producers admitted that they “think it’s a good idea.” The chat box on lower PC resolutions is also something that the producers “think [they] need to change.” Split-screen co-op was also something that was considered by the producers to be included in the future.

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