Battlefield 3 – Weekly News Round up and Beta Underway

Battlefield-3 HD Wallpaper

If you’ve been neck deep into the Battlefield 3 Beta lately, you may have missed important news items that we would love to bring you up to date on.


First off, a couple reminders. The 10th of this month, next Monday, marks the last day of the beta. The beta is running on a 1 month old build since it had to be submitted to console manufacturers for approval, so it does not represent the final version.

Onto some news that you might have missed!


We hope you found this news round-up during of the last, hectic, week before the beta to be useful. Make sure to follow @MPFirst on Twitter for more, plus for our impressions of the beta later this week.

Just to leave with a laugh. Daniel Matros tweeted “Frostbite 2?” with image below. 😉



MP1st Staff

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