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Killer Instinct – Spinal’s Classic Outfit Leaked News 1

News 1 Much like Thunder, who’s costume was leaked before it was even announced or made available for download, it appears that Spinal’s classic Killer Instinct costume has also been leaked before an any official announcement. The leaked Spinal’s classic outfit comes from “Bennijin” over on Double Helix’s forum, who has managed to discover the unreleased costume. You […]

Killer Instinct – Thunder’s Classic Costume Accidently Leaked News 9

News 9 Those of you who enjoy playing as Thunder in the Xbox One fighter, Killer Instinct, may be in for a special treat. A recent glitch appears to have revealed Thunder’s classic outfit that will presumably be available as DLC in the near future. Check it out in the video above. Unfortunately, Thunder isn’t sporting the […]

Gears of War: Judgment – Microsoft Threatens Leaked Copy Owners With Lifetime Xbox Live Ban News 17

News 17 Microsoft is taking action against pirates currently playing a leaked version of Gears of War: Judgment for the Xbox 360. The game in its entirety has surfaced on several torrent sites over night, appearing early this Tuesday morning, a full month before Judgment’s official launch date of March 19. “We are aware of isolated cases […]

[Updated] Destiny Promotional Posters Leaked, Will Include Competitive Multiplayer, Story Details Confirmed News 21

News 21 An official Destiny reveal from Bungie and Activision is mere days away, but already we’re beginning to see some leaked promotional material surface, confirming a few story elements and revealing the inclusion of “competitive multiplayer modes.” This image below, from the Twitter account @DestinyTips, reveals two pieces of promotional material whose purpose is to most likely hype up […]

[Update] Are These Leaked Black Ops 2 Screenshots Real? News 44

News 44 Update: It has been reported that these images could be modified screens of DUST 514 and, therefore, could quite possibly be fake. The same YouTuber, zevodesign, “leaked” this “Black Ops 2” image below which is straight from the DUST 514 trailer. Consider these debunked. Thanks to Josh and many other readers for the info! Original Story: If Black […]

[Updated] More Leaks Reveal Black Ops 2 Menu, Zombies Story Mode and First-Person Multiplayer Screen? News 172

News 172 Update: As seen in this recent article, mitadesigns’s most recent leak has proven to be fake, meaning there’s a great chance all of his other leaks could be fake as well. Take caution. Original Story: Ever after the recent Black Ops 2 reveal trailer, the leaks continue. We recently discovered that an older leak showing off […]

Modern Warfare 3 First DLC Leaked? – Maps from CoD4, MW2, And 2 New Ones News 20

News 20 A few weeks ago, we reported on alleged Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty 4 map files found in Modern Warfare 3. In the previous leak, the maps were CoD4’s Crash, Crossfire, Strike, and Overgrown along with MW2’s Highrise. Apparently, there are three other classic maps and two new ones to join the MW3 map rumor mill. This new, apparently […]

Battlefield 3 – Weekly News Round up and Beta Underway News 0

News 0 If you’ve been neck deep into the Battlefield 3 Beta lately, you may have missed important news items that we would love to bring you up to date on.   First off, a couple reminders. The 10th of this month, next Monday, marks the last day of the beta. The beta is running on a […]

Off Screen Battlefield 3 Jet Gameplay News 0

News 0 It seems DICE is going all-out with their next instalment in the Battlefield franchise. Their new Frostbite 2 engine, debuting in Battlefield 3, is capable of some truly amazing things. On top of gorgeous graphics, immense destruction, and over-the-top sound design, it is capable of handling large numbers of players and vehicles on the battlefield […]