Battlefield 3 – Weekly News Round up and Prepping for the Beta

With the beta just around the corner, right now might be a good time to catch up on the latest Battlefield 3 news.

First off, a couple reminders. Today (Sept. 25) is the last day you are able to pre-order Battlefield 3 on Origin and still receive early access to the beta. Any pre-orders after today will not be allowed early access. Yesterday was the last day to have registered your Limited Edition of Medal of Honor in order to receive early access as well. It is also most likely that early access beta keys will be handed out tomorrow, the 26th, the day before early access begins.

Onto some news and articles that you might have missed!



We hope you found this news round-up during of the last, hectic, week before the beta to be useful. Make sure to follow @MPFirst on Twitter for more, plus for some impressions of the beta once it comes out.



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