Battlefield 4 – All Kits, Weapons, Attachments and Unlocks Detailed

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We may still be a couple months away from launch, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a peak at all the kits, weapons, weapon attachments and unlocks that Battlefield 4 will have to offer when it launches this October 29.

Getting their hands on the game at Gamescom 2013, Gamespot recently published an informative video showing off all of Battlefield 4’s goodies.

You’ll see a ton of different and new weapons, weapon attachments, weapon camoflauge patterns and even brand new knives for melee attacks, as well as all the kit gadgets, field upgrades and unlocks. There is a lot to check out that will get any Battlefield geek’s heart racing.

Check it out and let us know in the comments what caught your eye!

Big thanks to Gamespot.

Beware, you’ll notice that a few of the weapon assets have yet to be correctly updated.

What’s interesting to us is the wide variety in variations of different attachments like sights, suppressors, and grips. It also appears that each kit will have a greater number of non-class-specific weapons at their disposal, including carbines, shotguns and designated marksman rifles. That should prove for very versatile loadouts in each kit.

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