Battlefield 4 China Rising Map Overviews; Guilin Peaks, Altai Range, Silk Road, and Dragon Pass

Battlefield 4 China Rising launches for Premium members this Tuesday, December 3.

We got our first look at the four brand new maps; Guilin Peaks, Altai Range, Silk Road, and Dragon Pass, earlier this week via a Game Spot video preview that was published a little earlier than it was supposed to be. The videos have since been made private, but there are some in-game screens you can still take a peek at if you’re interested. Just follow the link here.

However, thanks to Redditor Andersso, we got our hands on some full size overviews of all four China Rising maps. The images do not represent the entire play space of each map, but rather a complete overview of the area or setting. You’ll definitely need to zoom in on some of these to see exactly where the capture points might be located and where the battles will actually take place.

Check them out below!

Guilin Peaks


Altai Range


Silk Road


Dragon Pass


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