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DICE Is Giving All Battlefield 4 Expansions Away For Free Until Next Week News 1

News 1 As developer DICE celebrates the upcoming launch of its World War I-themed shooter, Battlefield 1, the studio is showing some love to its older titles and long-time fans by offering a pretty sweet deal on some previously-released downloadable content. Right now, all expansions packs for Battlefield 4 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, […]

Report – Battlefield 4 Now ‘Illegal’ In China News 63

News 63 According to reports, Battlefield 4‘s depiction of the nation has allegedly, “smeared China’s image” which the country is labelling as a form of “cultural invasion.” This is what Chinese state-run newspaper China Military now reads, according to ZDNet. SlashGear reports that the Chinese ministry wants Battlefield 4 removed from physical and digital retailers as well as uninstalled and […]

Battlefield 4 China Rising Now Available To All Premium Subscribers, New Footage & Trailer Hits YouTube News 29

News 29 Battlefield 4’s first Premium membership-wide multiplayer expansion China Rising is now available on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 (pending store update) and PC. It introduces four entirely new maps along with brand new weapons, gadgets, vehicles, assignments, and achievements/trophies. The expansion also reintroduces the Air Superiority game mode that was first seen in […]

Battlefield 4 China Rising Map Overviews; Guilin Peaks, Altai Range, Silk Road, and Dragon Pass News 28

News 28 Battlefield 4 China Rising launches for Premium members this Tuesday, December 3. We got our first look at the four brand new maps; Guilin Peaks, Altai Range, Silk Road, and Dragon Pass, earlier this week via a Game Spot video preview that was published a little earlier than it was supposed to be. The videos have […]

Battlefield 4 China Rising Gameplay and Screens News 43

News 43 China Rising, Battlefield 4‘s first ‘real’ expansion pack, is available December 3 to all Premium members, two weeks later for non-Premium members, and brings with it four brand new, expansive maps set in Mainland China, along with new weapons, gadgets, the dirtbike infantry vehicle, and the Air Superiority game mode. It’s also free for anyone […]

Battlefield 4 – Footage Of China Rising DLC Weapons And Gadgets Arises, New Server Update Incoming News 59

News 59 With the release of Battlefield 4‘s latest update on the PC, some users have seemingly managed to get their hands on some of the content to be included in the upcoming China Rising expansion. Two videos below capturing gameplay footage from private servers showcase the new weapons and gadgets that are originally intended to launch […]

Rumor – Leaked Battlefield 4: China Rising DLC Map List Spotted, Includes 5 New Weapons News 15

News 15 Launching in only a few short weeks, Battlefield 4 Premium members can look forward to four massive new maps, all-new vehicles, and high-tech military equipment in the game’s first proper multiplayer expansion, China Rising. An allegedly leaked image of the Spanish Battlefield 4 Premium website sent to us by MP1st reader Mechcell appears to list the […]

Battlefield 4 China Rising Trophies Reveal Air Superiority, Dirt Bikes, SUAVs and Bombers News 68

News 68 If the recently outed Battlefield 4 China Rising DLC Trophy/Achievement list is anything to go buy, the game’s first multiplayer expansion is set to reintroduce some fan-favorite game modes and vehicles as well as add a few new gadgets to the mix. According to a PlayStation Trophy list discovered on PSNProfiles, China Rising will bring […]