Battlefield 4 – DICE is ‘Very Interested’ in eSports

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Though Battlefield 4 multiplayer details are still scarce, DICE is showing interest in the eSports scene looking into ways they can integrate it into their upcoming blockbuster FPS, releasing this fall.

In fact, general manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson recently told YouTube personality Luetin09 that his teams is “very interested” in adding eSports functionality to Battlefield 4.

“…yes, we’re very interested in this area, and we’re definitely going to see what we can do there,” said Troedsson during a video interview. “I can’t talk about the specifics because we’re not announcing them, but I can say that e-sports is an area that we are very interested in.”

Troedsson went on to say that integrating eSports functionality into a game like Battlefield 4 is “not as easy as some game developers like to think, that it’s just you do ‘x, y and z’ and everything is done – it’s actually much bigger than that now.”

There are some people that actually see this as a new phenomena, and that’s not true either. For the people that have been involved in this scene it’s been around for a long time. It’s just recently that it’s really started to take off more in semi-mainstream, online media etc. which is amazingly cool by the way.”

More recently, developers Treyarch took a similar approach to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and are now holding one of the biggest eSports competition in the world this week.

Would you like to see something similar make its way to Battlefield 4? Let us know in the comments how (or even if) you’d like to see eSports integrated into Battlefield 4!

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Via, VideoGamer.