Battlefield 4 – DICE Knows “Things Have Been Rocky So Far”, Will Reward Battlepacks To Constructive Fans

According to Studio Creative Director Lars Gustavsson, DICE knows “that things have been rocky so far” with regards to Battlefield 4’s launch and wants to make an effort to smooth things over sooner, rather than later.

In a lengthy Battlelog forum post, Gustavsson addressed all Battlefield fans, explaining that while the team behind Battlefield 4 is aware of the issues currently plaguing the game, DICE does need your help to pinpoint a few troublesome bugs. That’s why, every week, DICE will be handing out Gold Battlepacks to users with the most constructive Battlelog forum threads.

“First: Let me assure you that while we don’t have the time to answer everyone on the forums, we read everything and take your feedback into consideration,” Gustavsson writes, “Which brings me to my next topic.”

“We understand that some of you are concerned over the number of crashes you are experiencing in the game. A lot of our players are having a great time in the game, but we do know that things have been rocky so far.

“Here’s the thing: We are working hard on fixing these issues, and YOU can help! By letting us know more details about how and when your issues arise, we can pinpoint these issues and eliminate them more quickly.”

“That’s why we’ve decided to award the best fan made forum threads here on the Battlelog forums each week,” he continued “We will give a way a Gold Battlepack to one original poster each week where we feel that we get constructive feedback or creative input.”

“As Creative Director, I am well aware that some players are not experiencing Battlefield 4 the way it’s meant to be right now. It is our duty as developers to set things right as quickly as possible. With your help and your constructive feedback, we will make that happen more quickly.

“To kick things off, I’d like to highlight a great thread where players are discussing Mobile AA power: Here []

“This is a great example of constructive feedback where it’s easy for us as developers to take the topic into consideration for the future. Thanks a lot to Battlelog user NemisizZ-DK for posting this thread. We’ll unlock a Gold Battlepack for you inside Battlefield 4.”

Already, DICE has issued several of server updates to help alleviate some of the crashing problems and noted all known issues currently being looked in to in this list.

Regardless of the efforts that have been made so far, it’s nice to see one of the studio’s head honchos checking in with the game’s fans. We’ll keep you updated with any further progress made with regards to Battlefield 4 updates and patches, so keep your sights on MP1st!

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