Battlefield 4 Levolution Video Guide

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A few days ago, we detailed all the Levolution events that you can experience while playing Battlefield 4‘s large-scale multiplayer mode and how each can be triggered.

You may have already experienced a few of these events in your day-to-day play sessions, while also bearing witness to a few of the smaller happenings that make each end every one of Battlefield 4’s multiplayer maps seem much more life-like.

Today, thanks to Battlefield YouTube personality LevelCapGaming, we got our hands on some in-game footage of each event, should you wish to see it in action and find out exactly how to trigger such massive destruction. Of course, if you do not wish for these events to be spoiled for you, and would rather experience them naturally, then you may want to skip it over.

If not, enjoy LevelCapGaming’s latest video on Levoluton and don’t forget to vote in the poll below!

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