Battlefield 4 on Xbox One Will Use Head-Tracking and Voice Command Features

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Battlefield 4 on the Xbox One will make use of the console’s integrated Kinect motion-tracking device to utilize features like head-tracking and voice command.

At a recent Xbox One demonstration event, EA showcased Battlefield 4 on the next-generation console using the Kinect to allow soldiers in-game to peek-and-lean around corners by simply moving your head to the side in real life.

EA also showed off the game using voice commands, which we presume will let players call out commands available in the commorose like calling for a medic or for a vehicle pickup.

With that, what do you think of Battlefield 4’s peak-and-lean feature currently? Do you use it? Do you think you’ll use it more if you had the ability to do it with your head in real life? Let us know in the comments!

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Thanks, Polygon.