Battlefield V Aerodrome Map Sneak Peek

battlefield 5 aerodrome

DICE is set to unveil the eight Battlefield V maps that will be available at launch tomorrow (later?), and we get a small taste of what’s to come thanks to DICE Global Community Manager Dan Mitre.

Shown below are two screenshots of the Battlefield V Aerodrome map, with one map view, and the other an in-game action shot that shows how dirty the map is (in a good way).

According to Mitre, the blog post where the studio will talk about the eight maps will go live tomorrow. He also adds that the Aerodrome map is located in North Africa, and the hangar flag cap can get “intense.”

In other Battlefield V news, we posted the PC recommended and minimum requirements so you’ll know what kind of setup your PC needs to run the game. The revive icons have also been given a facelift, and can now relay what your teammate wants just by the icons!

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