Battlefield V Ammo Capacity, Resupply Station Locations & More Being Tweaked Based on the Beta

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Possibly one of the most controversial changes DICE has made to the franchise in Battlefield V, is the introduction of resupply stations for ammo and health. These resupply stations replace the standard health regeneration, and considerable ammo pool players start out with when they spawn.

With the Battlefield V beta in full swing, the gaming masses have now spent a considerable time with these new gameplay changes, and it seems DICE is taking the feedback very seriously. While some might like the sweeping changes made to the game’s overall gameplay mechanics, not everyone is a fan, and DICE has confirmed they are tweaking a few things based on beta feedback.

Over on Twitter, Franchise Design Director Daniel Berlin has confirmed that the Battlefield V max ammo capacity, starting ammo per spawn and more are being tweaked!

Here’s the list again in case the tweet didn’t embed properly:

SOME things we are tweaking:
1. Max ammo capacity
2. Starting ammo per spawn
3. Amount of ammo dropped from killed enemy
4. Amount/location of resupply stations.
5. Spawn with or without health pouch

The items mentioned above are some of the most controversial changes has made to the core Battlefield gameplay experience, which some people have been very, very vocal about.

Are you a fan of the “attrition system” DICE has implemented in Battlefield V, or should the game revert to how it handled ammo and health like in past Battlefield games?

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