Battlefield V App Teased, New Progression Ranks and Customization UI Improvements Coming

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While Battlefield V might only have been out for just a few days for the PC and Xbox One, that hasn’t stopped DICE from talking about some of the things fans can look forward to soon.

Over on Twitter, Erik Ortman, Lead Engagement Designer on Battlefield V, made a string of tweets talking about the “things we’re looking at going forward” bit where not only is a Battlefield V app teased, but Ortman even mentioned that the customization UI will be tweaked to have less clicks/button presses, and how the max rank (currently at 50) will be stretched once a new chapter in Tides of War is introduced.

You can check out the string of tweets here, but for the sake of cohesion, we’ve made the tweets into easier-to-read texts below.

1) Reached Career rank 50 already? You absolute beast! Fret not, we got more things in store for you. Starting with Overture you will have the new Chapter Rank to pursue, which works a bit different. We also got some fun plans to make the Career grind interesting for a long time!

2) Loving the rich customization but the amount of clicks wearing your mouse out faster than playing Cookie Clicker? We got some improvements brewing to make your customization experience much more pleasant.

3) Specializations are cool, you know what is even cooler? Letting you manage them whenever/wherever you want. Coming soon

4) Speaking of letting you do things when you want. Special Assignment management in-game No ETA on that one, but it’s something we really want to add.

5) Do you, like myself, forget to manage both sides of the conflict when it comes to loadouts? We’re aware of this frustration, and are looking into different ways of improving it.

6) This is a small one but one of my personal pet peeves 😉 You know how the objective capture status gets hidden when you get a critical message? It’s pretty damn annoying, so we fixed that.

7) And of course the team is keeping a very close eye on any nasty little bugs you might experience, those are always the top priority to fix!

That’s a good sign of things to come, right? With the game barely even a week old, and not even out for PS4 gamers, it’s reassuring to know that DICE has a lot of plans brewing for post-launch content.

In other Battlefield V news, go check out this in-depth analysis of the weapons available, and see which weapon is considered the best for each class currently.

Stay tuned for MP1st’s review of Battlefield V hitting the site very soon.

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