Latest Battlefield V Dev Talks Episode to Focus on Audio, Watch DICE Shoot Actual Guns in This Teaser

battlefield 5 aerodrome

Say what you want about the Battlefield franchise, but one thing that’s hard to deny is how fantastic the audio is in every entry. It seems like this will be the case with Battlefield V. In the fourth episode of “Battlefield V Dev Talks,” it’ll be focusing on the audio of the game.

Over on Reddit, Global Community Manager Dan Mitre posted a teaser of DICE capturing the sound of actual guns, and we even get a comparison shot of the Battlefield V version of the same weapon so we can compare!

Teaser: BFV Dev Talks #4 – The Audio of Battlefield V from BattlefieldV

Click here for the teaser.

Same as before, MP1st will post the Battlefield V Dev Talks episode once it’s live, and we’ll be here to report on anything significant we mine from it.

In case you didn’t see it, DICE lifted the lid on Battlefield V’s single-player campaign called “War Stories.” Check out gameplay footage here, and read up on the chapters available at launch too.

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