Battlefield V Battle Royale Being Co-Developed by Criterion, Vehicles, Destruction & More Confirmed

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While most people are playing the Battlefield V beta, some people might have forgotten that Battlefield V’s battle royale mode called “Firestorm,” was just officially named this week.

Well, as it turns out, DICE isn’t done with the info bombs just yet. In a post on EA’s official site, the publisher has announced that Firestorm is being developed by Criterion Games (Need for Speed) in partnership with DICE! This isn’t the first time the two studios collaborated on a single game, as 2017’s Star Wars Battlefront II’s Star Fighter Assault mode was also developed by Criterion Games, with the main game developed by DICE.

Here’s a quick rundown of Battlefield V battle royale info:

  • Wage war in a ring of fire that slowly shrinks the battlefield – don’t get trapped
  • Fight to be the last infantry squad standing of 64 players in 16 squads
  • The game-changing addition of Battlefield vehicles lets you wipe out unsuspecting squads with a tank or drive to survive with transport vehicles
  • Work together as a squad to secure objectives that grant better and rare gear
  • Clash on the biggest Battlefield map to date
  • Transform the map with Destruction and Fortifications
  • Feel battle royale brought to life with stunning Battlefield graphics and audio
  • Matches are tied to your Company and Battlefield V progression

Regarding objectives, there will be several types of objectives in Firestorm. These will both be at fixed and random locations. It’s been confirmed that you’ll spawn in with no weapons to start with, and you’ll need to loot equipment strewn throughout the map.

In addition to the Firestorm details, a new pre-order bonus item has been announced as well. Called the “Firestorm Ranger Set,” the kit can be used in multiplayer as well.

Full Pre-order Enlister Offer

There are other benefits with pre-ordering. Along with the Firestorm Ranger Set, the Battlefield V Enlister Offer – for all players who pre-order Battlefield V or Battlefied V Deluxe Edition – gives players extra soldier customization options, as well as access to Special Assignments and their rewards, starting the week of launch. Enlist and get:

  • Paratrooper  Outfit: Once Battlefield  V launches, choose one of eight Special Soldier Sets available in the  game to customize your troops.
  • Special  Assignments: Earn rewards  and get an edge over the competition when you complete Special  Assignments.
  • Immediate  Access to Five Battlefield 1 Weapons: Unlock some of the Great War’s most modern weapons  for use in Battlefield 1, as you bridge the interwar period on the  road to Battlefield V.

That’s a lot of info, no? If you want more, don’t forget to check out our Battlefield V hub page for the latest Battlefield V news.

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