Battlefield 5: You Can Now Use the Commo Rose Again While Downed

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While DICE just released a big Battlefield 5 update earlier today, it seems there are still things not included in the patch’s massive patch notes! If you ever use the Battlefield 5 commo rose and wanted to be able to use even when you’re “downed,” well, now you can!

Over on Reddit user TenBensons mentioned that this feature, which was previously available in the game earlier this year before getting yanked out, is now back again! Yes, this means that Battlefield 5 commo rose downed situations are now available in the game.

This feature’s re-introduction in Battlefield 5 wasn’t included in the patch notes, which makes me wonder what other features and tweaks weren’t included as well. While this might not be a big gameplay addition in the grand scheme of things, it’s definitely a welcome one. Now players can thank Medics and their teammates even when downed.

In other Battlefield 5 news, one of the game’s skins which were once obtainable via in-game currency, can now only be had using microtransactions.

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