Battlefield V Company Coin Issue Acknowledged by DICE, Here’s What the Studio Is Doing

battlefield 5 company coin issue

Have you discovered that you’re having issues with accruing Company Coin in Battlefield V? If so, don’t panic! It’s a known issue by developer DICE!

In a new post on the Battlefield V subreddit, Global Community Manager Dan Mitre laid out a message on what DICE plans to do with the Battlefield 5 Company Coin issue.

First, we will align internally to identify the following:

  • Why Max Rank 50 players are not receiving Company Coin at EoR
  • Why EoR is not displaying accrued Company Coin
  • When an expected fix is to be implemented
  • When retroactive awarding of missed Company Coin will be issued (if possible)

Once we have determined these details we will:

  • Provide an ETA on fix
  • Provide clarity on Company Coin accrual model at Max Rank 50
  • Provide insight on retroactive awarding of Company Coin

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

There you go! At least now, you can breathe easy knowing your hard work and grinding isn’t for naught, right?

In other Battlefield V news, don’t forget to check out the patch notes for today’s title update to see what DICE fixed!

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