Battlefield V Dev Talk Episode #3 Coming Later Today, Here’s What’s Going to Be Discussed

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DICE is releasing its latest episode of the Battlefield V Dev Talks webisode later today! For those not familiar with the show, it’s where DICE devs sit down and tackle specific topics regarding Battlefield V. Today’s episode will touch on weapon and weapon specialization!

In addition to that, DICE will post an update on the official Battlefield website with tips from the devs, and their “ambitions” with the game’s weapon customizations. The topics to be discussed in the site updated and in the Devs Talk episode will be about:

  • Tweaking the Bullet Damage
  • Turning Spread Into Recoil
  • Adjusting Effective Ranges
  • Shooting from the Hip
  • Change to the StG 44
  • Slight Tint Improvements
  • Bipod Fixes

Those interested in offering feedback, head on over to this Reddit thread and post what you have to say.

Those who test the Battlefield V beta, you’ll be glad (or sad) to know that changes are coming to the overpowered STG 44.

Speaking of weapons, don’t forget to check out the complete list of weapons, gadgets, and more as revealed by DICE. Remember: there will be more weapons added via progression and Tides of War once the game’s out.