Battlefield V Won’t Have Single-Player DLC After “The Last Tiger”

battlefield 5 battle royale map

This past week, DICE blew the doors wide open in regards to Battlefield V’s single-player campaign called “War Stories.” While the game’s last chapter titled The Last Tiger will be made available this December 2018, don’t expect more War Stories chapters to be made available down the line as part of the Tides of War seasonal events.

This was revealed by Global Community Manager Dan Mitre where he answered if there will be more War Stories coming in Tides of War.

Dan Mitre: No, after The Last Tiger is released in December, there is currently no plan to add additional War Stories through Tides of War.

Given how the focus of each and every Battlefield game has been multiplayer, this isn’t really surprising news. Speaking of Tides of War, more info about that will be made next week according to DICE.

Don’t forget to check out the rewards DICE is giving to Battlefield V fans as a sort of thank you for sticking with the game amid its delay.

Source: Reddit

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5 years ago

Crickets.. no one cares about BFV. HAH

True FF Fan
True FF Fan
5 years ago

Why are you posting things about BF5? Have some dignity instead of posting garbage news.

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