Battlefield V Enemy Visibility Improved and Here’s an Example How

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As part of today’s Battlefield V Dev Talks episode, DICE talked about how hard it was to make out enemies in the Battlefield V beta — a fact we mentioned in our hands-on impressions piece. Well, thankfully, that will change in the final version of the game!

According to DICE, Battlefield V enemy visibility will be made better by adding what the studio calls “distance haze” which isn’t a fog (they were adamant it wasn’t). And before anyone reacts negatively, DICE says it won’t be noticeable and that it’s “very subtle.” You can judge from yourself with the screenshot below straight from the Dev Talks episode.

In addition to the “distance haze,” DICE is also tweaking the lighting in maps, and mentioned that the Rotterdam level wasn’t “lit properly” in some areas. This issue has been fixed, apparently, and DICE is also looking into tweaking the lighting in some areas (like alleys) “by hand” to make sure the enemy visibility is in tune to gamers’ needs.

As someone who had problems making out enemies in various engagement distances, this is definitely good news! Let’s hope that we’ll get a chance to test this out even though there’s no second beta planned.