Battlefield 5 Pilots and Tankers Are Still Locked to Female Characters Only, Community Asking for Options to Change It

battlefield 5 female soldiers

If you’ve been playing Battlefield 5 since launch, you might have noticed that the characters for pilots and tankers are still locked to female characters only. While DICE has been fantastic in pumping out patch after patch on a regular basis, it seems giving players the option to switch pilots and tankers to male characters isn’t high on the studio’s to-do list.

Over on the Battlefield 5 subreddit, players have spoken out on this Battlefield 5 female soldiers as pilots and tankers thing, with most agreeing that this is something that should be available in the first place.

Update after update, pilots and tankers are still locked to female only from BattlefieldV

DICE, are you doing this out of petty spite?

It can’t be more than 5 minutes work replacing the models and voice lines.

And I’m not even talking about customization, apparently all pilots wore medic helmets.

Here’s some of the responses from the Battlefield 5 community:

You can read up on more comments about that, right here.

For those hoping we’ll get a chance to change this soon, that might not happen for a while. As recent as this January, former DICE Global Community Manager Dan Mitre confirmed that he hasn’t heard any news on ability to customize pilots and/or tankers even if they know it’s a highly requested feature.

Will this feature be part of DICE’s plans for any upcoming patch? Your guess is as good as mine at this point. Having said that, it is more important that they change or add things that will benefit the gameplay first, no?

Go check out this week’s planned Battlefield 5 news and announcements right here.

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4 years ago

Really? This is why we no longer buy EA/DICE games as a large online PS4 War Clan. Battlefield 3 was our last Battlefield game. EA/DICE drank the kool-aid to make kiddie games and we are done with BF for good. We came from the SONY SOCOM game world and changed over to BF3 on it’s release. Starting with BF4… it’s gone steadily down hill to this point with this crap BF5 game. So be it.

We will be changing over to the GOOGLE Stadia platform when it’s ready and when a game we want comes out on it. I no longer require the new PS5 at this point. My Playstation days will soon be over. The console wars will be over this year. Stadia:

Philip Hoffman
Philip Hoffman
4 years ago

Yeah I have no problem with people playing as a woman in a WWII game but that’s not what I want my experience to be. Too bad “player choice” doesn’t apply to me I guess…

4 years ago

whoever buys garbage like Battlefield 5 has no right to complain with its diversity agenda. If you want an actual WW2 experience just wait for ”Hell let loose” for some actual realism instead of this pandering garbage. Just let EA die with their diversity before realism agenda.

4 years ago

A game that actually sells itself on historical accuracy doing this is a major shot in the foot.
This isn’t a starship troopers game.

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