Battlefield 5 Upcoming Update Won’t Be Out This Week, Here’s What We’ll Be Getting Instead

battlefield 5 upcoming update

While we reported (per DICE) last weekend that the next Battlefield 5 patch will be released this week, things have changed. Over on Reddit, DICE has laid out this week’s news and announcements, and the Battlefield 5 upcoming update isn’t part of the week’s agenda.

  • Monday, 4/1/2019
    • This Week in Battlefield V – What you’re reading right now! An overview of this week’s news, blogs, content, and more.
  • Tuesday, 4/2/2019
    • Weekly Community Highlight – Best Only in Battlefield Moment of the Week  Hot new OIB moment coming in with a new weekly winner! Think you’ve got a winner? Send it our way on any of the Battlefield channels. Each weekly featured clip will be awarded a Best Community in the World emblem!
    • Last Chance for Weekly Mission Reward – Give the ToW Mission a final push if you haven’t completed it yet.
  • Wednesday, 4/3/2019
  • Thursday, 4/4/2019
    • Battlefield V Chapter 3: Trial By Fire Week 2 Starts
    • TBC – #OnlyinBattlefieldV #Firestorm Contest – This is pending localization of rules. We’ll keep you posted – it’s going to be epic.
  • Friday, 4/5/2019
    • DICE FRIENDS Awards
    • Battlefield V: Firestorm Boot Camp Blog
    • Weekly Debrief – Your one-stop destination for all the blogs, videos, and major news that happened in the week.

It’s not that surprising given that the patch is undergoing certification, and DICE did say that things are tentative. At least we’ll be getting a new blog post, and Trial By Fire week #2 will be here within the week, no?

In other Battlefield 5 news, DICE has confirmed that the empty Armory is a bug and doesn’t necessarily mean that new items will be rolled out for it.

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