Battlefield 5 Empty Armor Is a Bug Confirmed by DICE

battlefield 5 empty armory

If you’ve checked the Battlefield 5 Armory and found it empty, you might be assuming (or hoping) that this meant that DICE was updating it and this is the reason it’s empty. Well, sad to say, it’s not that but rather, the Battlefield 5 empty Armor thing is an actual bug!

This was confirmed over on Twitter by DICE Technical Designer Jan David Hassel who asked gamers that engineers are looking into it.

Hey if any of you Battlefield players are experiencing an empty Armory right now could you please quickly reply here with your Origin name so our engineers can take a look at what’s going on?

Thanks everyone, we’ve confirmed the issue with the Armory now and engineers are looking into it.

Mind, this isn’t a guarantee that the Armory won’t get updated, but for those hoping that this was it, sadly, it’s not.

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