Battlefield 5 Survey Released Asks for Feedback on Recommending BF5, Community Engagement & More

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DICE hasn’t been shy when it comes to communicating with the Battlefield 5 community so far. Regardless if it’s about the latest patch, or just announcing the week’s events, the studio has brought its A game when it comes to community engagement.

Today, the studio is seeking more feedback about Battlefield 5, and they’re doing it in the form of a Battlefield 5 survey. The questions asked range from gameplay specific ones (which map is your favorite), to community questions (how well has DICE communicated with the player base), and even whether you’d recommend the game to a friend or not (how likely you would, etc.). You can take part in this short Battlefield 5 survey below.

Battlefield 5 survey link (Survey Monkey)

If you’re a Battlefield fan,you definitely need to fill it out and take part, as this could help shape the future of upcoming titles in the series. And it’s a good idea to to voice out when they’re actually listening, right?

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