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Are you looking forward to Battlefield 5’s battle royale mode Firestorm? While we’re just days away from it being available, players might have a lot of questions left in terms of objectives, gameplay mechanics and more.

Fortunately for us, DICE has opened the dam when it comes to Battlefield 5 Firestorm info! We’ve compiled everything all in one place to make this as easy to read and digest as possible. So bookmark this page if you’re planning on spending a significant amount of time in Firestorm!

battlefield 5 firestorm info

Firestorm Overview:

  • Battlefield Core Gameplay: Firestorm comes with Battlefield V’s core gunplay and destruction intact. But expect surprising changes that’ll shake-up battle royale as you know it.
  • Halvøy: This snow-covered peninsula draws the best soldiers into combat on the biggest Battlefield map ever.
  • Objectives: Play as a squad to secure Re-supply Points and Vehicle Lockups that are strewn across the map for a chance at wielding vehicles and gear from Firestorm’s most valuable stockpiles.
  • Combat Vehicles: Command an armory of devastating vehicles over land, air, and sea – including five new vehicles for Firestorm. If you want the power, you’ll have to take the risk and challenge other squads to be the first to unlock the best combat vehicles from Objectives.
  • Reinforcements: Part of Firestorm’s rare loot, call down Reinforcements like the V-1 Rocket, artillery strikes, and combat vehicles to wreak havoc on the battlefield. On the flipside, order supply drops to aid your squad in an instant.
  • Destruction: Firestorm brings true Battlefield destruction to the battle royale genre, making for unparalleled moments and unique tactical opportunities. No more camping in buildings when a V-1 rocket can blow your house in.

Conquer as a Squad, or Solo

Roll four-person deep and face the Firestorm with allies or go at it solo. Whether playing with friends or strangers, teamwork against the persistent ring of fire is the difference between singed hairs and a boiling death.

The top way to erase enemy squads is to move, scavenge, and fight as a team. There are no second chances in Firestorm, if you bleed out or are finished off by an enemy, you’re out for good. Rely on your squad for revives, resupplies, equipment trades, and locking down Objectives (see below).

You’ll be able to enter Firestorm with any soldier from your Company. Although none of the class perks or Combat Roles are available in Firestorm, the visual customizations from your Company do carry over.

Airborne Entry

After a quick stop in the player lobby, you’ll be flown above the map and will have seconds to decide what section of the map you and your squad should land on.

While freefalling, landmarks, supply points, and the Firestorm itself will appear on the map. The location of your squad mates is also visible on the mini-map and each squad member has a unique color so that you can better tell who’s where.

Halvøy, the Largest Battlefield Map Ever 

No one knows when the first burning structure was reported on Halvøy. There were orders to evacuate, but now the only way to escape is to be the last squad standing.

Halvøy is 10 times the size of Hamada – currently the largest Battlefield V map. The map is characterized by 12 landmarks that function as desirable loot locations. With so much real estate, the map favors the dirt, but fighting in the surrounding ocean or the sky above carries tactical advantages.

Study our Halvøy map for more ways to prepare for the brewing storm.

The Firestorm’s Path

The only zone hotter than the one you’re landing on is in the encroaching ring of fire. This is a disaster no soldier can train for. The tsunami of heat will incinerate everything – buildings, soldiers, and the ground they walk on – so you should stay away.

The Firestorm appears from the moment of deployment and shrinks the playable space on the map over time. This will push all soldiers toward a central location, forcing survivors to an inevitable showdown.

Once you land, prepare for a fight and go find some loot!

Scavenge for Loot

Start on Halvøy empty-handed and become more powerful as you scavenge and defeat enemies. Soldiers in Firestorm have a modified inventory that can carry a combination of weapons, ammo, and gadgets. All resource collecting happens on the battlefield itself. Space is limited, so manage your inventory wisely and share loot amongst your squad.

  • Scattered loot — Weapons and ammo can be found grounded all over the Halvøy terrain.
  • Defeated enemies — You can loot the inventory of a fallen foe for whatever goods they may have.

Firestorm has five distinct types of Objectives designed to reward those who play together. However, some of these high-value rewards come at the highest risk and require a coordinated team effort to secure.

  • Strongboxes – These contain a variety of supplies including weapons, gadgets, and healing items (see below). They are scattered throughout Halvøy and more common near landmarks.
  • Safes – Secure safes are located inside Halvøy ’s landmarks and contain high-value loot. Unlocking the loot inside takes about 20 seconds, so try and have a squad mate watch your back.
  • Supply Drops – Random supply drops will occur throughout a Firestorm match, delivered from a plane above and marked by a green flare once hitting the ground. These contain rare and powerful loot, so rest assured you won’t be the only ones after them.
  • Re-supply Points – As the Firestorm closes in, supply points at various points of the map may become active and can be located by the rising barrage balloons. If you or your team can hold one of these points, you will be rewarded with rare and epic weapons as well as Reinforcements.
  • Vehicle Lockup – Abandoned combat vehicles and other valuable supplies can be found locked behind bunkers in strategic locations. These sites can be accessed by having two players interact with a mechanism on either side of the doors. Warning! Alarms will sound while you are opening a bunker, alerting everyone in the vicinity.

The Loot You’ll Find: Weapons and Gadgets

A subset of Battlefield V weapons are available in Firestorm. They are categorized by weapon type and require their corresponding ammo: rifle, shotgun, MMG, sniper, and SMG. Weapons are also found in three different rarity levels — Common, Rare, and Epic — with a degree of advantages. Soldiers get two primary weapon slots as well as one sidearm.

Battlefield V’s gadgets like the Bouncing Betty and Sticky Grenade make their way to Firestorm, but there are also a few additions unique to the battle royale experience. Soldiers start with four gadget slots in their inventory, one for healing items, one for grenades, and the last two for whatever they find in their inventory.

Backpacks can add up to six inventory slots to hold extra gear. All soldiers are also equipped with an upgradeable Armor Vest that can be refilled with up to three Armor Plates, depending on the tier you find in the wild. These protect against some weapon and explosive damage.

Combat, Armored, and Transport Vehicles

You don’t always have to outrun the firestorm on foot or rely on bullets to wipe out your foes. Pile into one of the 17 types of vehicles found on Halvøy , including tanks, helicopters, sports cars, and the coveted tractor. There are five Firestorm-specific vehicles and the existing Battlefield V vehicles have been slightly tweaked for the battle royale experience.

In Firestorm, all vehicles require fuel and start with only a limited supply. This also goes with the ammo available for the towable weapons. Luckily, these can be replenished with a Jerry Can for vehicles and heavy vehicle ammo for towables.

Reinforcements for Any Soldier

If the flames or soldiers don’t get you, then the Reinforcements just might.

A flare gun can be found and used by any soldier to call-in powerful Reinforcements. These include a calculated artillery strike or precision V-1 rocket. Reinforcements can also back up your team in the form of a supply drop loaded with powerful loot, like a fully upgraded Bren Gun, as well as special vehicles.

battlefield 5 firestorm info

Firestorm Weapons:

Inventory Basics

Every soldier drops into Battlefield V’s Firestorm empty-handed, with tons of loot to scavenge once they land, from the environment or fallen foes. But you won’t be able to carry it all at once. Learn to manage your inventory to equip the best loadout and share with buddies when playing in a squad.

Players get two primary weapon slots as well as one sidearm slot and can hold up to four different ammo types at once.

Players also start with four gadgets slots: one dedicated to healing items, one for grenades, and the last two for whatever they can find. The inventory is expandable by picking up a backpack, which can add up to six extra slots (more on backpacks in our gadgets breakdown below).

Firestorm Primary Weapons

There are 16 primary weapons in Firestorm at launch, imported from Battlefield V’s World War 2 arsenal, and are divided into three tiers — Common, Rare, and Epic.

The tiers are based on the number of attachments and upgrades (specializations) the weapons are found with. Look at the Kar98k sniper rifle, for example: The Common is the base version with no specialization upgrades or attachments, while the Rare version is found with two specializations and a close-range sight, and the Epic counterpart comes with two specializations and a mid-range scope.

Let’s cover all the Firestorm primary weapons, organized by their matching ammunition type: rifle, sniper, shotgun, machine gun, and submachine gun.

Submachine Guns

Flexible and clutch for any soldier in a pinch, the four Firestorm submachine guns combine enough close range accuracy and rapid fire to keep multiple enemies at bay.

  • MP40 – General purpose and easy to control, the Rare comes with quick ADS and reduced recoil upgrades, as well as a reflex sight. On the Epic, you’ll find improved ADS while stationary and moving, along with a close-range lens sight.
  • Suomi KP/-31 – Very hard to control and fast firing, finding a Rare means improved hipfire, quick deploy, and a reflex sight. An Epic Suomi gets a rate of fire boost, reduced recoil, and a reflex sight.
  • STEN – A user-friendly cousin of the MP40, nab a Rare for improved hipfire, quicker reload speed, and a reflex sight. The Epic also improves hipfire, reduces recoil and is equipped with a reflex sight.
  • M1928A1 – Commonly known as the “Tommy Gun,” a Rare packs reduced recoil, quick ADS, and a reflex sight. The Epic gets an extended mag, reduced recoil, and a lens sight.


This is the go-to weapon for the infantry. Rifles are accurate, can cover long distances, and look dramatic in photos.

  • Gewehr 43 – A run-and-gun favorite, pick up a Rare for quick and improved ADS, along with an aperture sight. Finding an Epic nets you “faster” bullets, reduced recoil, and a ZF4 mid-range scope.
  • M1A1 Carbine – Low damage but can fire quickly, the Rare version has quick ADS and deploy speed, along with a reflex sight. An Epic comes with an extended mag, improved hipfire, and a reflex sight.
  • StG 44 – An accuracy and stopping power combo, a Rare reduces recoil, quickens ADS, and brings a reflex sight. The Epic has improved ADS speed, reduced recoil, and the ZF4 mid-range scope.
  • Gustloff Prototype – An assault rifle with close range, the Rare grants reduced recoil, quick reload, and a reflex sight. Nab the Epic for improved ADS, reduced recoil, and reflex sight.

Sniper Rifles

Tough but rewarding to master. Cover the long distances of the Firestorm map, hone in on headshots, and scare approaching foes with sniper rifles.

  • ZH-29 – A highly-precise semi-automatic sniper, the Rare comes with a bipod, quick ADS, and a close-range sight. Find an Epic, and you get “faster” bullets, improved ADS, and a midrange scope.
  • Kar98k – The familiar but trusty bolt-action rifle, a Rare gets a quicker deploy speed, improved ADS, and a close-range sight. An Epic rewards with a bipod, quick cycle, and a mid-range scope.
  • Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk l – Fast to fire and good for mid-range, a Rare adds the quick reload and quick deploy upgrades. Collect an Epic to add a bayonet and quick cycle.

Machine Guns

These are the ideal weapons to hold down and capture Objectives with, or to take out a whole squad at once. Heavy damage and rapid, sustained fire are the hallmarks of machine guns.

  • Bren Gun – Hard to miss because of its top-loaded mag, find a Rare to get reduced recoil, quick reload, and the AA close-range sight. An Epic Bren Gun gets “faster” bullets, improved bipod, and the M84 mid-range scope.
  • FG-42 – Fast-firing automatic rifle with a small magazine, a Rare grants quick and improved ADS, along with the AA close-range sight. Find an Epic for reduced recoil, faster ADS when moving, and the ZFG42 mid-range scope.
  • MG 42 – Reliable, easy to use, and boasting an extreme rate of fire, stumble upon a Rare for improved flash hider, “faster” bullets, and the AA close-range sight. Secure an Epic and get improved cooling, a rate-of-fire boost, and the AA close-range sight.


Sometimes you have to handle your business up close and personal. Shotguns pack a wallop at close range and the two below are no exception.

  • 12g Automatic – A veteran of more world wars than you, a Rare 12g Automatic has an extended magazine and quick reload. Pick up an Epic for improved bullet penetration and heavy load.
  • M97 – A pump-action favorite that features high damage and decent range. A Rare M97 comes with quick ADS and slug rounds. Collect an Epic for improved trigger, increased headshot damage, and the Lattey close-range sight.

Stay in the Fight with Five Sidearms

You can’t always get the primary weapon you want, but sometimes you’ll get the sidearm you need. The sidearm is also useful for soldiers to fight back when knocked into the downed state. These require matching pistol ammo to operate.

  • P38 Pistol
  • P08 Pistol
  • M1911
  • FP-45 Liberator
  • Mk Vl Revolver

10 Firestorm Melee Weapons 

Stick it to your enemies by putting it bluntly, “This is the largest Battlefield map ever and you let me get this close?” Find these 10 melee weapons in the wild:

  • British Army Jack Knife
  • Club
  • Cricket Bat
  • Hatchet
  • Kukri
  • Machete
  • Pickaxe
  • Scout Knife
  • Shovel
  • Solveig Knife

Firestorm-only Gadgets

The destructive ring of fire is an unconventional emergency to say the least, and soldiers need unconventional ways to help them survive in the 64-player fight. These are the gadgets specific to Firestorm.

  • Backpack – Equip a small, medium, or large backpack to increase your stored inventory slots by two, four, and six, respectively.
  • Healing syrettes – These gadgets let you replenish the health of your squad mates or yourself. They cannot be self-applied when in the downed state.
  • Armor vests – Every soldier starts with an empty armor vest that, when loaded with Armor Plates, protects from gunfire or explosive damage. There are three levels of armor vests based on the amount of plates that can be loaded: Common fits one plate, Rare fits two, and Epic fits three.
  • Ammo – You’ll need to find the correct ammo type to match the primary and secondary weapon you are hoping to fire: rifle, sniper, shotgun, machine gun, submachine gun, and pistol (sidearm).
  • Light and heavy vehicle ammo – This ammo type is used to resupply the weapons on vehicles and towables.

Firestorm Gadgets

There’s a gadget for every purpose. Scoop up one of these familiar Battlefield V gadgets in Firestorm and use them for nearly any battle royale scenario.

Grenades and Throwables

  • No. 36 Frag Grenade
  • M18 Smoke Grenade
  • No. 76 Incendiary Grenade
  • No. 74 Sticky Grenade
  • Geballte Ladung
  • No. 69 Impact Grenade


  • Panzerfaust 100
  • SMLE Smoke Grenade Launcher
  • Sturmpistole


  • Sticky Dynamite
  • Tellermine
  • S 35 Bouncing Betty

Firestorm Vehicles:

Vehicle Fuel and Ammo System

Because death is permanent in Firestorm, vehicles are balanced by making fuel, and in some cases ammunition, as an additional resource needed to successfully operate them. This way, no one player can dominate the entirety of Halvøy with a roaming tank, a squad who manages their inventory together is rewarded, and Firestorm won’t become just a world of tanks.

There’s enough fuel for each vehicle to get started, but when the fuel runs out, the vehicle can no longer move. Find Jerry Cans on Halvøy and use them on a to prolong the joy ride. Similarly, vehicles and towables come with limited ammunition and a steady supply of light or heavy vehicle ammo keeps their barrels hot.

Combat Vehicles

Fierce, tough, and deadly, these are the last things you want to see when you’re escaping the ring of fire, and the first machines you want in your corner. Each of these can also add a towable weapon (listed later).

  • Churchill Mk VII – Only found in Vehicle Lockup Objectives, the British military used this tank’s weapons and armor to send the Axis scurrying. It also spits hot fire from the flamethrower built on the chassis. Fill the driver and three gunner seats to take advantage of this behemoth’s full arsenal.
  • Panzer 38(t) – A light tank that no one would call “light” to its face, this riveted armor hulk holds a crew of three: a driver and two gunners. It can only be found in Vehicle Lockups.
  • Panzer IV – A tank ubiquitous on the German WW2 frontlines and a soon-to-be Firestorm favorite, pack a full squad to do the most damage. There’s enough room for a driver and three gunners. You’ll find it in Vehicle Lockups and as a Reinforcement.
  • Staghound T17E1 – Compact and versatile, this vehicle is a great way to flush enemies out of buildings without having to go in. Filling the driver and three gunner seats brings the most impact. It can be found in Vehicle Lockups and as a Reinforcement.
  • Tiger I – A nearly indestructible colossus of a tank. Do some serious damage by packing the driver and three gunner seats. This beast will only be found in Vehicle Lockup Objectives.
  • Valentine Mk VIII – Strong, reliable, and powerful. This tank fits a driver and turret gunner for additional heat. It also is only found in Vehicle Lockup Objectives.

Armored Transports

Hunt down these armored transports, load them up with a full squad, and haunt Firestorm like a strike team. All but the Universal Carrier are found in the wild or as a Reinforcement and can hitch a towable weapon.

  • Kubelwagen – A quick armored car with a mounted turret, which fits up to three, a driver, passenger, and rear machine gunner.
  • M3 Halftrack – The Kubelwagen’s older sibling, it packs in four: a driver and three gunners.
  • Sd. Kfz 251 Halftrack – The Kubelwagen’s other older sibling, but slimmer than the Halftrack. It can also bring four to a fight: a driver and three gunners.
  • Universal Carrier – A light armored track vehicle that’s cramped but can hold its own with a good machine gunner. This transport carries three soldiers and is only found scattered on Halvøy.

Firestorm-only Transports

War is always about making do with what you have, and a giant hunk of metal going at high speeds is a damn good option. Truth is, every vehicle is a “combat” vehicle if you’re brave enough. Most of these can pile in a full squad, as well.

  • Prototype Helicopter – Intelligence reports detailed sightings of a single-seat rotorcraft with room for three additional passengers. Soldiers have also been seen firing personal weapons from the vehicle.
  • Kettenkrad – One day, a motorcycle married a halftrack and gave birth to the Kettenkrad. It’s a deceptively sturdy machine with room for a driver and passenger, and can be found in the wild and as a Reinforcement.
  • Pickup Truck – These vehicles can pack a whole squad; they’re found throughout Halvøy and can be driven with no respect for traffic laws.
  • Schwimmwagen – Pile in a full squad, put a buddy on the gunner, and watch them squirm as you drive into the water with this amphibious vehicle. Commonly found near water, they are also available as a Reinforcement.
  • Sports Car – Sure it only fits two soldiers, but you’ll be two really fast soldiers. These are parked at random in Halvøy and available as a Reinforcement.
  • Staff Car – If you weren’t being chased by a fiery death, we’d advise you to garage this vehicle and sell it at auction one day. For now, put a full squad in it and drive it away or into enemies. Parked in the wild, it’s available as a Reinforcement.
  • Tractor – These modest vehicles are used for all types of agricultural work on Halvøy. There’s no reason why anyone in their right mind should use it for anything else.

Towable and/or Stationary Weapons

Tow an anti-tank gun or AA Gun to wallop foes or hold down a key Objective. Both below are found randomly in the wild and are designed for one soldier to operate.

  • FlaK 38
  • PaK 40

Firestorm Objectives and Reinforcements:

Firestorm Objectives 

Objectives in Firestorm are strategic objects and areas of interest that can reward varying degrees of loot. Some are easily found and quickly looted, while others, such as Re-supply Points and Vehicle Lockups, require teamwork and cunning to secure. The latter operate like the capture points in Battlefield V‘s main multiplayer, where soldiers will scrap with other teams for control of an Objective. Fend off fend off other would-be capturers to gain the spoils within, like a tank or fully decked-out weapons.

afes before you do.

Like Strongboxes, these appear at random on fixed areas. They will not appear on the mini-map or HUD.

Supply Drops

Over the course of a Firestorm match, players can depend on random Supply Drops from the great plane in the sky to secure gear that’s eluded them or to replenish their inventory after a prolonged firefight.

Green is the color of the flare that signals players to the location of a Supply Drop, popped shortly after it hits the ground. Supply Drops contain rare and powerful loot – you will not be alone when going after them.

Re-supply Points

As you run like hell from the Firestorm, Re-supply Point Objectives will activate within the playable boundary. Think of these as the Flags in Battlefield V’s Conquest mode. Capture these, as a squad or solo, for an opportunity at the Epic tier loot secured within. You’ll need to weigh the odds of a successful capture given your position, loadout, and the likely swarm of soldiers headed your way.

Supply Points are contested areas marked by the hovering olive drab kite balloons that rise once they become capturable. All players will be notified on the map once they are active, and their direction will be pinged on the in-game compass. Soldiers will be able to see the capture status of the point in the UI.

  • There are more than 20 possible Re-supply Points that become active at random.
  • You must hold one of these points against contesting foes to unlock the randomized Rare and Epic loot stored in the nearby supply crates.
  • Areas can be captured more quickly when there are more soldiers of the same squad on a point.
  • Any soldier can contest the point.
  • Supply Points can still be capped within the Firestorm, but players will take damage.
  • They can be captured solo.
  • Available Supply points reset once the shrinking play space reaches the next safe boundary.

Vehicle Lockup

Half doomsday bunker, half military motor pool, Vehicle Lockups are strategically placed structures that when opened unleash Firestorm’s combat juggernauts upon Halvoy. These bunkers house the best stuff – such as the Churchill or Panzer IV tank, Epic tier weapons and gadgets – and are the most sought-after Objectives.

Mostly found embedded within landmarks, a Vehicle Lockup is only accessible through teamwork or fast-acting solo play. In squads, these sites can be opened by having two players interact with a mechanism on either side of the structure’s doors. A solo player can open a Lockup, but they’ll have to turn one lever at a time.

Once the dials start moving, an alarm will sound alerting everyone in the vicinity that a Lockup is opening. Players can stop opening the bunker and quiet the alarm at any time if they get spooked and want to check the area.

Open the doors, discover your prize, and prepare for the fight of your life – otherwise it’s good bye blue sky.

The Reinforcements Found in Objectives

Battlefield V’s Reinforcements, back up armaments or supplies that can strengthen a player’s position, have made their way to Firestorm, now packed into a collection of specific flare guns secured across Halvøy.

Below are the different types of Reinforcements you can call in based on the random flare gun collected by securing the above Objectives, with a much higher chance of finding them from Re-supply points. They are almost never found in the open and do not require Requisition points to use, although some coordination is encouraged.

  • Supply drop – Need gear in an instant and on your terms? Fire this flare gun type to signal a supply drop full of goods that you or your squad can scavenge.
  • Vehicle drop – Combat and transport vehicles will parachute down where you fire this flare gun and help your team escape the ring of fire or quickly reach other areas of Halvøy.
  • Artillery Strike – This Reinforcement deals with hordes of enemies and levels buildings by bombarding a large area with explosives.
  • V-1 Rocket – Maybe you prefer precision. Call in this tactical flying bomb to wipe out or knock down anyone in its direct, sweeping explosion.

Whew! That’s a lot to take in, no? Make sure you also check out the Battlefield 5 2019 roadmap to see what’s coming this year!

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