Battlefield 5 French Elite Soldier Female Skin First Images Leak Out Along With Elite Soldier #4 Info

battlefield 5 french elite soldier

As part of this week’s big Battlefield 5 update, DICE has now made Elite soldier skins purchasable in the game. While we already showed a few Elite soldiers as part of an earlier leak, there’s a new Battlefield 5 French Elite soldier skin coming our way soon.

Once again unearthed by Battlefield 5 dataminer temporyal, here’s our first look at the Battlefield 5 French Elite soldier skin named “Hanna Delacroix.”

While we have images of the Battlefield 5 French Elite soldier skin, which is the third Elite soldier skin planned for the game, we now have info regarding the fourth Elite soldier skin as well.

BFV Elite Soldier No. 4:

Wilhelm Franke

Place of birth: Hamburg, Germany

Explosives and demolition expert. Experienced tank hunter. Kreigsschule military school graduate. Specialization in siege tactics.

If it can be destroyed, Franke will find a way to do it. A ruthless combatant. His straight-forward manner commands respect from his squadmates, even if they have to maintain a safe distance. Bold. Unflinching. Seizes the initiative. Sets out to fulfill every mission requirement to the letter. Has a reputation of seeing explosives as the solution to every problem. Possible hearing damage.

Quote: “There is no tolerance for fear in a time of war.”

According to temporyal, more datamining is being done via the recent patch, so expect a lot more info to be available soon.

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8 thoughts on “Battlefield 5 French Elite Soldier Female Skin First Images Leak Out Along With Elite Soldier #4 Info

    1. This is the only instance I would agree to see a woman fighter, the French and Russians were the only factions who had women in their forces, however in this case DICE failed again considering most of them in the French resistance wore dresses and other traditional clothes to blend in with the non-resistance civilians, very few wore pants and I have yet to see a picture of one with a leather jacket, DICE devs are SJW cucks, never forget that..

  1. Most women from the WW2 French resistance wore dresses to blend in with the civilians, so much for “accuracy”, but what can we expect from the SJW cucks at DICE who weren’t even man enough to add Swastikas for the Nazis and censor words like Hitler and Nazis in a WW2 game?

    1. It weird how people demand accuracy from an arcade game with glaring inaccuracies.

      1. That’s because DICE themselves said this game would be historically accurate, which obviously it’s not, so no one is demanding it, it was just part of the expectation those DICE dev cuck SJW’s gave the gamers.

        1. Actually they didn’t. They said it would be cinematic and intense. And it’s pretty intense and cinematic. Yes, it’s WW2 fanfiction with everyone using any gun they want from wherever they want and female frontline soldiers. There’s plenty of great millsims if you want historical accuracy though. I recommend Day Of Infamy or Hell Let Loose for WW2.

          BF isn’t a millsim though. BF has always been about doing crazy shit in vehicles and intense firefights.

          1. All in all it’s the crappiest BF game so far along with BF1, hardline doesn’t count; Let’s hope they redeem themselves with a modern times battlefield.

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