Battlefield V Gun Specializations Will Come With Trade-Offs, Crossover Specializations Confirmed

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Possibly one of the key things gamers didn’t like about the Battlefield V beta was how the weapon specializations seemingly didn’t come with any negatives, thus making the choices easy on which weapon path to take.

Over on Twitter, Lead Engagement Designer on Battlefield V Erik Ortman confirmed that this has changed in the final version of the game, and that these weapon specializations now come with trade-offs and negatives.

Want an example of it in-game? Here’s a super short video clip comparing the Extended Magazine weapon specialization to the Light Bolt. While the rate of fire goes up for the Light Bolt, the ammo count is less than half if you’re using the Extended Magazine, and it applies to both the bullets in the magazine, and your overall ammo pool.

Ortman has also confirmed that players will be able to revert back weapon upgrade changes so players don’t need to “buy” two of the same guns.

Lastly, we now have confirmation that weapon specializations can now be mixed and matched! No more one path that you need to go through! This is perfect for those who prefer one specific upgrade from one side of the upgrade tree, but also want something from the other side.

All very good news, right?

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