This Is How Battlefield V Weapons Available at Launch Stack Up Against Other Battlefield Titles

battlefield 5 new melee weapons

Just yesterday, DICE announced the list of available weapons in Battlefield V, and the number is currently sitting at 30 primary weapons available at launch. If you’re not OK with this number and think the past entries in the franchise had a lot more available, you’ll be surprised to know that you’re just half right.

Over on Reddit, user MartianGeneral whipped up an image comparing each Battlefield title to how many guns it had available, and even how many vehicles. Take a look below, but there’s a few things that need to be amended in the image as well.

As some Reddit users have pointed out, there’s a few errors in the graphic; for one, Battlefield 1 had more than five secondary weapons. It had the following:

BF1 also had 24 primary weapons (six per class), unless the graphic-maker is counting Calvary, Pilot and Tanker.

All in all, Battlefield V isn’t that bad, right? Of course the fact that weapons are restricted for those that came out during WW2, and well, you have tighter room to work with.

Are you happy with how many weapons can be used in Battlefield V? Don’t forget that DICE said that some guns will be released via progression or Tides of War.

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