Battlefield 5 High Ping Issue Won’t Be Solved Until Next Patch

Battlefield 5 Update 1.38 December 8

Over two weeks ago, we reported that the latest Battlefield 5 patch not only brought in new gameplay fixes and gameplay features, but it also introduced the Battlefield 5 high ping issue. If you’re hoping it gets fixed soon, sadly, that won’t be happening until we get a new patch released.

This was confirmed by DICE over on Reddit where it gave the following status update when it comes to the Battlefield 5 high ping issue.

“Update on the High Ping Issue Battlefield – We’ve tried to make something work for this week in terms of a Hotfix, but we want to take more time to ensure that the issue is resolved fully, and correctly, and so will be including this in our 4.6 Update releasing later this month.”

Yep, it’s coming to update 4.6, whcih the team is working on right now. More details regarding that will be made this coming week, with the patch’s release set for later this month. Hopefully, once this gets fixed, no more new issues crop up.

Don’t forget to check out some of the datamined weapons (and it seems fan-fave map Wake Island) set to come in the next chapter.

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