Battlefield V Map Changes and Improvements From the Community Is Being Asked by DICE

battlefield 5 map feedback
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With Battlefield V’s latest patch released yesterday, one of the big things included in it is a change to the Panzerstorm map. Now, if players think that this is a one-off thing, think again.

Over on Twitter, Battlefield V Level Designer Matt Wagner is actively seeking Battlefield 5 map changes and improvements, and is asking the community for help!

Bear in mind, this doesn’t mean that every little thing suggested will be implemented in future patches, but the fact that DICE is open to changing map layouts, designs, and asking for feedback is a very welcome note indeed.

Speaking of patches, yesterday’s patch unfortunately brought with it, a host of bugs as well, and you can read about that here.

Which map do you want to see changed first and why? Sound off in the comments and let us know

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