Battlefield V Medic Class Will Be Getting “Something Else” for Secondary Main Weapon, BF Hardline Ammo Sharing Tech Being Looked Into

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If you’re playing as a Medic in Battlefield V, you’re going to love what you’re about to hear! It seems the class is getting a secondary main weapon or something similar to it soon.

Over on Twitter, a player asked whether the Medic class will be getting a secondary main weapon like how the Assault class has a fully auto and semi auto guns. This query was answered by none other than Core Gameplay Designer Florian Le Bihan who confirmed that the class will be getting “something else.”

If that’s not enough good news, Battlefield V players might (note the might) be getting one of the best introduced feature Battlefield Hardline, and that’s being able to obtain ammo from a Support teammate just by pressing a button when near them even if they don’t drop an ammo crate/pouch! This was shared by DICE LA Engineer Julian Manolov who also referenced Medal of Honor Warfighter, a game that also had this feature.

I just finished work on one core gameplay feature which MOH Warfighter and BF Hardline had. Let’s see now that the tech is here if it will get into the BFV core design 🙂

Good news, right? Let’s hope both features get implemented in the next big patch for Battlefield V. Speaking of, the flashing screen issue which was introduced in the patch last week, is being looked at by DICE, and says it’s one of the studio’s top priorities in terms of fixes.

What kind of secondary main should the Medic class get? Let us know your thoughts on it below.

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