Battlefield 5 Mercury Minimap and the Next Elite Soldiers Unearthed

battlefield 5 mercury

With yesterday’s latest Battlefield 5 patch rolled out, fans (and loyal MP1st readers) will know that this means another batch of new stuff leaked via the datamined files! Dependable Battlefield 5 dataminer temporyal has unearthed a bunch of new stuff.

First up, you can check out a leaked shot of the Battlefield 5 Mercury minimap of the upcoming map:

Battlefield 5 Mercury Minimap:

Additionally, the next two Battlefield 5 Elite soldier skins have been revealed as well.

Battlefield 5 Elite Soldier: Wilhelm Franke

Battlefield 5 Elite Soldier: Hanna Delacroix

Speaking of skins, Battlefield 5 gamers are in an uproar since DICE has pulled the Pit Crew skin from being obtainable via in-game currency, to only being obtainable by microtransactions.

Stay tuned to MP1st for more datamined Battlefield 5 info.

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