Battlefield 5 Mercury Minimap and the Next Elite Soldiers Unearthed

battlefield 5 mercury

With yesterday’s latest Battlefield 5 patch rolled out, fans (and loyal MP1st readers) will know that this means another batch of new stuff leaked via the datamined files! Dependable Battlefield 5 dataminer temporyal has unearthed a bunch of new stuff.

First up, you can check out a leaked shot of the Battlefield 5 Mercury minimap of the upcoming map:

Battlefield 5 Mercury Minimap:

Additionally, the next two Battlefield 5 Elite soldier skins have been revealed as well.

Battlefield 5 Elite Soldier: Wilhelm Franke

Battlefield 5 Elite Soldier: Hanna Delacroix

Speaking of skins, Battlefield 5 gamers are in an uproar since DICE has pulled the Pit Crew skin from being obtainable via in-game currency, to only being obtainable by microtransactions.

Stay tuned to MP1st for more datamined Battlefield 5 info.

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5 years ago

Lost interest in BFV long time ago, not even a new map is enough to make me want to play it again.

Robert Racy
Robert Racy
Reply to  AvanStrike
5 years ago

Yeah, me too. Dice really just abandoned this game and stuck their middle finger at BF fans…one new multiplayer map added in the seven months since its release…completely and utterly unacceptable.

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