Battlefield 5 New Community Mission Now Live, Requires 100,000,000 Kills or Assists

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For Battlefield 5 players, there’s a new community mission that’s live now, and it’s called “Collective Efforts.” The Battlefield 5 new community mission requires players to net 100,000,000 kills OR assists in any game mode, and runs from October 24 to October 31, 2019!

As you can see, the reward is a new weapon! Its’ called the “Fliegerfaust,” and is an anti-aircraft launcher! Check it out in action below.

Note that this 100,000,000 number is for any mode, and counts assists, so it might look impossible, but it should be doable — especially if you play a lot of meat grinder maps like Operation Underground.

In other Battlefield 5 news, make sure to check out the new trailer, and planned content for Battlefield 5’s Chapter 5: War in the Pacific.

Will you join the fight to obtain this new weapon? Let’s hope we get another Operation Underground playlist again soon to make this a wee bit easier.

Image via Reddit