Battlefield 5 New Game Mode Info Datamined: 5v5, Doctrines, Classes & More Unearthed

Battlefield 5 Next-Gen

While Battlefield 5 players are eagerly awaiting the release of the game’s battle royale mode called Firestorm this March 25, it seems DICE has something else already brewing.

In yesterday’s Battlefield 5 roadmap for the remainder of 2019, DICE mentioned a Battlefield 5 new game mode that’s 5v5, and will be out during Chapter 4. Thanks to Reddit user temporyal, we now have a ton more info regarding the mode! This 5v5 mode willl feature what it calls “Doctrines,” vehicles, classes and more! If you’re looking for a more fast-paced Battlefield game mode, this might be it.

5v5 mode (unknown name, scheduled for Tides of War Chapter 4)


Before each match the squad leader has to nominate a “doctrine” for his squad. Doctrines are basically Special Forces from the WW2 era and determine what kind of commandos and bonuses will be available to your squad.

Doctrines I could gather:

  • SAS Raiders (Great Britain): “Who Dares Wins”
  • Army Rangers (USA): “Rangers Lead the Way”
  • Devil’s Brigade (USA / Canada): no details
  • Volksgrenadiers (Germany): “Tapfer und Treu”
  • MSK (Germany): no details (MSK seems to be the “Marinestoßtruppkompanie”)
  • Decima Mas (Italy): “Memento Audere Semper”

The doctrine confirmation is done by the other squad members. The squad can confirm the doctrine or select a new one with a majority vote. The leaders can change their vote.

Each doctrine comes with three bonuses for your squad. Here is a list of all currently implemented effects:

  • Blast Armor: Incoming damage from explosives is reduced by 33%.
  • Tenacity: Health regen is faster and heals to full.
  • Recon Plane: A recon plane that spots enemies it flies over can be purchased with requisition.
  • Bipod Expertise: Bipods can be deployed while crouching.

  • Increased Throwables: Starting number of grenades is increased by one.
  • Expert Tracker: Spotted enemies remain marked on the map for two additional seconds after breaking line of sight.
  • Increased Munitions: Starting ammunition for all gadgets is increased.
  • Fast Fortifications: Fortifications can be constructed with the build tool in half the usual time.


  • Intestinal Fortitude: The last living squad memeber gains the ability to squad reveive regardless of chosen kit.
  • Supply Drop: Airdropped ammunition and medical supplies are available for purchase with requisition.
  • Squad Deploy: Squad spawns can be purchased with requisition.
  • Artillery Strike: Artillery Strikes can be purchased with requisition.
  • Vehicle Incendiary: Tanks purchased with requisition are equipped with incendiary weapons.

Battlefield 5 Doctrine logos from the game files:

Classes & Kits

Now every squad member has 30 seconds to choose a class / kit for the fight. These kits seem to be a mix between our current class combat roles and the former more specialized archetypes.

Official game info: “KIT SELECT: Select a specialized Commando or bring a soldier from your Company.”

List of the currently available kits:


  • Raid Captain
  • Control Captain


  • Range Assault
  • Saboteur
  • Shock Assault


  • Combat Medic
  • Trauma Surgeon


  • Combat Engineer
  • Grenadier
  • Gunner


  • Combat Sniper
  • Infiltrator
  • Tactician

There is also a random option if you don’t care at all. Only one captain and one vehicle driver can be present in a squad.

You can gain a very high amount of requisition points to buy reinforcements during matches for spotting, spoofing, reviving, healing and providing ammo to encourage class specific gameplay and teamwork in your squad.

Important: This mode comes with a deactivated buddy revive system.

Every kit has special traits and equipment. Here are some special gadgets:

  • MMG Emplacement
  • Double Barrel Flare Gun
  • TN17 Radio Jammer (spoofing / counters probably a recon plane)
  • Panzerbüchse 39 (Anti Tank Rifle)
  • Breaching Charge
  • M1A1 Bazooka
  • Type 89 Knee Mortar
  • Anti Tank Shaped Charge


The game mode features one active vehicle per squad. Right now only four tanks are implemented:


  • Panzer 38t
  • Panzer IV


  • Staghound
  • Valentine

Each vehicle has a special variant for every doctrine (e.g. Volksgrenadier Panzer 38t or Army Rangers Staghound).


The 5v5 game mode features new maps according to one developer on twitter. Some of the names have already been leaked and they are tagged as exclusive for this mode. I’ll guess they’re just placeholders at the moment but they already tell you something about the setting. Unfortunately I can’t give you a lot of insights:

Map: Provence

Personal Note: Loading screen like picture already leaked.

​Early look at Provence map:

Map: Norway

Personal Note: A developer already tweeted about this one (“we’re not done with Norway”). Could be a fraction of the Firestorm map or maybe some parts from the war story campaign.

Map: Libya

Personal Note: A modified version of Aerodrome or parts from the war story?

Map: Casquets

Wikipedia: “British commandos of the Small Scale Raiding Force made two raids during the Second World War on the lighthouse, following the German occupation of the Channel Islands in 1940. The first raid, Operation Dryad, took place on 2–3 September 1942 and the seven keepers were taken back to England as prisoners of war.”

Personal Note: Could have a Heligoland vibe if you remember the map from BF1.

Map: Rotterdam

Personal note: Probably not the standard Rotterdam we know.

To balance the results a match consists of two rounds per map so every squad can be attacker and defender.

Internal Sub Game Modes

Please be aware that this is not team deathmatch. Here are the modes you will play against the other squad:

  • Extraction
  • Breakthrough
  • King of the Hill
  • Holdout

I guess maps will be focused on only one game mode.

In “Holdout” the attacking team has limited time to raid two supply caches in a sector. Each secured cache grants the squad one point. The other team earns points by defending the supply caches. If the time is up or both caches got raided the match progresses to the next sector of the map. The match winner is the squad with the most points in the end.

Other game modes

Conquest: Grind

Official description: “Wreak havoc and fight over strategic locations in this chaotic twist on the Conquest game mode.”

Tank Superiority

Official description: “Tanks against tanks in all out war: Hold the majority of the flags and eliminate enemy tanks to win.”

Squad Conquest Tournament

Three rounds per map, still 8v8, can’t say much more about that. No official description available.

While I wouldn’t be surprised to see all of these make it into the game, don’t forget, some of the files unearthed could be placeholder files, or scrapped altogether. In short: content listed here and in the final release version might not 100 percent the same.

Based on what we’ve read now, this looks to be a faster-paced infantry-focused affair, which is welcome in my book. Regardless of what info makes it out come the new game mode’s release, Battlefield 5 players are in for a treat come Chapter 4!

In other Battlefield 5 news, make sure to read up on the Firestorm overview, vehicles, weapons and more right here all in one place!

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