Battlefield 5 Next Map Release Date Announced, Here’s Our First Gameplay Look at Al Sandan

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In today’s EA Play, not only did DICE show us some of the maps coming to Battlefield 5 later this year, but we even get to see one of the maps coming to Battlefield 5 later this month! Called “Al Sandan,” the Battlefield 5 next map release date is set for June 27, and yes, it’ll be free for every Battlefield 5 player.

According to DICE, Al Sandan will be your traditional Battlefield map, and will feature vehicle-based teamplay, large distances and more. Check out our first gameplay look at Al Sandan below.

If that’s not enough for you, you can also check out this gameplay trailer featuring the Marita map, and the re-imagined Operation Metro now called Operation Underground, which also got its first gameplay reveal.