Battlefield 5 Operation Metro Map Returning, Here’s Our First Sneak Peek

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If you didn’t catch today’s big Battlefield 5 Tides of War Chapter 4 announcement trailer, not only did you miss a preview of the stuff that’s coming down the pipe for the game, but there’s even a super quick look — and confirmation — of the Battlefield 5 Operation Metro map remake!

Fortunately for you, we’re here to help you see it without any problems. Below, you’ll see the Battlefield 5 Operation Metro map screengrab, and in it, you’ll see the familiar map’s trains, and facade. Of course, it’s made to fit the setting of Battlefield 5, which is a nice touch.

We’ve added another screenshot of Operation Metro in Battlefield 5, and even a side by side throwback to the 99 Problems trailer for Battlefield 3.

Little throwback to the BF3 99 problems trailer in BF5 from BattlefieldV

Of course, while Operation Metro might be one of the most famous maps in Battlefield history, it’s one that has caused many arguments on whether it’s a good or bad map. Personally, I’m a big fan of the map, and used to play in those Op Metro 24/7 servers in Battlefield 3. Yes, I’m part of the problem, I know.

For more on Battlefield 5, go check out the latest patch that got released earlier this week. You should also check out the content overview that’s scheduled to drop for Tides of War Chapter 4.